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Clients and Testimonials

I am grateful to have a diverse client roster of companies and non-profits around the country and abroad. I work with some clients at my local coffee shop while I have other clients I have never met face to face...wherever you are located, I'd be happy to discuss your next project!

Adva Network [MA]Ma'ase Olam [Israel]
Allied International Resources [MA]Massachusetts Resiliency Center [MA]
AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps [NY]Millenium Campus Network
Brookview House [MA]New Prosperity Initiative [MA]
City Year Boston [MA]New Voices [NY]
Emma's Angels [Australia]North End Stories [MA]
Ganei Beantown: Beantown Jewish Gardens [MA]Propelling Social Ventures [Canada]
The Ittleson Foundation [NY]The Red Shoes [LA]
Jeans McQueens Creative [MA] Up2Us [NY]
Lawrence Public Schools [MA] WorldTeach [MA]
Leise Jones Photography [MA]

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“From when I started my business in 2009, Laurie has been a partner in helping me to develop and refine my brand. I can always count on her creativity and expertise to help further my vision and bring my ideas to life. Laurie has become a trusted partner in all of my marketing!”

Leise Jones, Owner/Photographer, Leise Jones Photography
“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Laurie on several recruitment and promotional projects, and she’s come through every time. With that ideal blend of creativity and professionalism any organization would want in a designer, hiring her again will be an easy call.”

Christopher Markuns, Media Relations Specialist, Lawrence Public Schools
“Laurie is awesome. She "gets it". She is very good at extracting concepts and then developing graphical themes with her intuition and then following her client's requirements and guiding them into a highly meaningful direction with precision and speed. I am very impressed with her work and her hard work ethic in every facet of working with her. I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending her, with highest regards, to anyone who needs a really wonderful final work product for their company or organization.”

David Kaufman, CEO, Allied International Resources
“As the director of a startup media organization, I can say Laurie Herschman has been invaluable to us in these early stages of our development. We had clear ideas about what we were looking for with regard to the design work we needed done, but until we began working with Laurie, really had no idea how to translate those ideas onto paper. Laurie brings strong technical knowledge to the table and is also very easy to work with. She listens to her clients’ needs, asks thoughtful questions, and offers genuinely helpful feedback. In our case, Laurie has turned our design ideas into reality while improving upon them in the process. We feel lucky to have found her.”

Alexis Schroeder, Co-founder and Executive Director,
The New Prosperity Initiative
“Laurie is a talented designer. She has worked with us on a number of projects, and we continue to be impressed by her work, openness, and creativity. We often have less than optimal images and she is always able to come up with innovative ways to enhance and incorporate what we have available to make the final product visually appealing and on message.”

Ilanit Gerblich Kalir, former Associate Executive Director,
AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps
“I've had the pleasure of working with Laurie on the co-production of a website. Throughout the engagement, it was clear to me that she is a hard-working, determined, and conscientious professional with a passion for social change. Not only is she a creative designer, she is a competent and organized project manager that always tries to maximize collaboration with her clients and counterparts.”

Erin Fogel, MBA, Founder, nptechconsulting
“I have hired Laurie to do some design and branding work for our alumni network. She was personable and easy to work with. She took the time to understand the needs and intentions of our organization and created designs that worked with our mission. I would highly recommend Laurie for graphic design work for organizations with a social justice mission, as that is her passion.”

Leora Mallach, Director, Adva Network
“I was drawn to Laurie’s design style and creativity when choosing a graphic designer for my wedding invitations. She was passionate about incorporating my dream with her own vision. Her work was timely, professional, and she always listened carefully to my feedback. In the end, her design far exceeded my expectations. It really set the tone for the entire wedding!”

Angela Harb, bride